HOWTO: How to create an account after receiving an invitation?

A club manager can invite a person to join his club at any time.

STEP 1: You will receive an email with the invitation, click on the link to continue with the activation of your account

STEP 2: Please create a password now and then click on the red arrow button to continue

STEP 3: Click on the "continue" button to go far


STEP 4: Log in now with your email and newly created password


Then please complete the member registration form, which consists of 3 blocks;

  1. Personal information
  2. Company information
  3. Bank details

Block 2 & 3 are not mandatory!

2. After completing the form, check the box "I agree to the Term of Service and Privacy Policy" & click "Register"

STEP 6: Then click on the club to log in!